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Madam Hester Williams

Levi C. Williams Learning resource center was established in 1993 by Madam Hester Williams in memory of her father from Bunker Hill, Harper, Maryland County.

The objectives of the center were to provide early childhood Education, produce reading books and create an environment where children learn and play. The center was opened with one student, Diaboonlay Clinton, who was three (3) years old at the time, one employee, Ms. Lucy Wilson who now resides in the United States of America.

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On the river, on East 83rd Street, we will be here. Educating girls who are undaunted in their…

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To champion such rare and precious places in this world—to tend them, protect them, to make them whole,…

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Our Core Value to enhance our Student's growth for a better future

The underlying philosophy of the Levi C. Williams School System is to train students to develop to the fullest potential, to encourage them to think critically and develop values that will enable them to become productive citizens, who are capable of taking care of themselves, and making valuable contributions to the Liberian society and to the global village at large

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