1993 - 2023

Levi C. Williams Learning resource center was established in 1993 by Madam Hester Williams in memory of her father from Bunker Hill, Harper, Maryland County.

The objectives of the center were to provide early childhood Education, produce reading books and create an environment where children learn and play. The center was opened with one student, Diaboonlay Clinton, who was three (3) years old at the time, one employee, Ms. Lucy Wilson who now resides in the United States of America.

The Levi C. Williams Learning Resource Center expanded her objectives to include establishing an elementary school. Madam Williams visited the Catholic Arch Bishop Michael Francis and informed him of her desire to name the new elementary school in honor of Sister Mary Lauren Browne, a Catholic nun who had been her inspiration and mentor. With the consent of Arch Bishop Michael Francis, the Mary Lauren Browne School of Excellence was established in 2006, to provide primary education to children.

The Mary Lauren Browne School of Excellence provided some of the most eloquent speaking and high academic achievers in Liberia, in the elementary division thus propelling Madam Williams to establish the Levi C. Williams Middle School in 2010.

With request and encouragement from parents and a desire to complete a school system, the Middle School was elevated in 2015, establishing the Levi C. Williams High School with a “First Class” quality education which held its first graduation in 2016.

Madam Williams also established the Levi C. Williams Farm in 2016 with the objectives to promote agriculture in the schools, and encourage students to take farming as a career, and help them develop interest in crop and cattle production to help Liberia become self-sufficient in food.

Madam Hester Williams wrote many readers for children, as part of the objectives of the school system. Some of her published books are:

  • Cat
  • Kitten Cat
  • Piggo the Pig
  • All About Me
  • I Can Read
  • Saydah Goes to School
  • The Palm Tree
  • A Name and You
  • Girl Power
  • My Little Snail
  • Fumbah the Lucky Refugee
  • My Flag Our Flag
  • Our Teacher
  • My Sister is a Leader
  • Play
  • Find Me
  • Phonic

Madam Williams is currently constructing a Science and Technology School on the Robert’s Field Highway to meet the educational needs of the Liberia Children.

There were many challenges along the road, Madam Williams walked since 1993, as she prayed and worked to build a successful School system (1993-2023). Only Jehovah God gets the GLORY for this wonderful WORK.

May 2024