Levi C. Williams High School

Brief History of our Institution

The Mary Lauren Browne School of Excellence provided some of the most eloquent speakers and high academic achievers in Liberia in the elementary division which propelled Madam Hester Williams to establish the Levi  C. Williams Middle School in 2010.

With request and encouragement from parents and a desire to complete a school system, the Middle School was elevated in 2015 thus establishing the Levi C. Williams High School with a “First Class” quality education which held its first graduation in 2016. 

Our Core Value

Our teachers and lecturers are professional, supportive and loving. Each child is given special attention by people who are trained and have interest in the children at the senior    secondary level. Regular training workshops and group    sessions provide insights into the children’s behaviors to help them learn grow and develop


The Levi C. Williams High School is noted for high academic performances in WAEC/WASSEC Exams, Speaking Standard English and students conducting themselves morally.  

We provide students with a suitable learning environment where they can develop essential skills and knowledge.

 We develop in students the ability to think and analyze  problems and situations.

We help students develop a sense of self-discipline and responsibility.

We further develop the academic foundation that will prepare students for higher education.

We help students develop the spirit of patriotism.

We provide educational techniques and subject contents to meet the  needs of students, helping them to reach their full potential.

We make available up-to-date textbooks and other learning resource materials to enhance  students’ learning.

We create a friendly environment where personalities are formed and we encourage positive co-existence.

We help children learn about our common creator.

The Levi C. Williams High School places emphasis on discipline, respect for self and others and hard work.

Admission Process

Application is done by completing and sending in an application form given by the school, a medical certificate from a recognized health post and the registration fee      stipulated in this brochure. Acceptance is based on the    availability of space. Otherwise applicant (s) must have to be placed on a waiting listing.

1 Application Form

2. Interview with parents

3. Placement test

4. Health Certificate for a recognized health center.


5. Transcript from Previous School attended.


Our academic curriculum is in line with that of the Ministry of Education. The text books approved by the Ministry of Education are prescribed by School. Our instructional staff meets the standards of the Ministry of Education.

The Levi C. Williams High School is an English Language academic institution that provides education at the Senior Secondary level.

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